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My Gantt Chart Macro for Excel




Making Gantt Charts in Excel is fine, but having to manually drag lines is a pain...

This is what drove me to create my own Gantt Chart macro for Excel (work-in-progress).
Lines are drawn as a shape objects.
Please share your thoughts and requests.

Added 25-Nov-2007: Created a video tutorial on how to use the tool.

※Verified using:

Download (.xla sheet) 2008-07-14 New!(Download Now!)
Added scheduled days off function
※ Scheduled days off are compatible with sheets made using this version or above.

Supports Excel 2007 (which uses a different drawing engine,so speeds may be substantially slower when using Excel 2007).

How to Use

  1. Open taskline.xla
  2. Click the “Create New Project” button on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter the start and finish date for the calendar.
  3. The project sheet is created. Input the task names and their respective start/finish dates.
  4. Click the “Draw Gantt Chart” button on the left-hand side of the screen. The progress line and Gantt chart are drawn once you enter a report date.


What do I do if the project period is extended,or if I need to add tasks after I created the schedule? Do I need to redo everything?
When you click the “Draw Gantt Chart” button, it will also ask for the project finish date and number of tasks.
You can even copy and paste the columns/rows to add more space (ruled lines will have to be adjusted though...)

I want to keep the history of the progress line.
Lines are kept translucently.
Just click the “Show/Hide Progress Line History” button on the left-hand side of the screen.
To delete unwanted line, just click them and press delete.

Can I use this at my company for internal use? Are there restrictions?
As long as you are not selling or altering “Taskline”, you are free to use it as you like.

Future Features

  • Implemented: Finish date calculated by man-hours (4-Jul-2007)
  • Implemented: Report creations (9-Jun-2007)
  • Implemented: Import MsProject (using ProjectViewer) (2-May-2007)
  • Implemented: Visualization of task order (using ProjectViewer).
  • Implemented: Progress line (5-Mar-2007)

Evaluation and Thoughts

Please tell me what you think of this tool

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  • When i set startdate is 7/8/2019 and enddate is 7/15/2019. then when i update i got a message like this: The start and finish dates in column 1 are reversed, Canceled processing. I dont know i happen - Pham Phi Hung (2019年07月16日 00時23分11秒)
  • You can even copy and paste the columns to add more space. - admin ((2014年08月01日 19時22分13秒)
  • Hello. I really like what you did. But how can i make it works properly when i add new columns after i did my schedule? thank you - Daniel (2014年07月30日 07時33分41秒)
  • I think so too. - admin ((2013年07月24日 23時18分51秒)
  • There are other Gantt chart macros, formulas and tutorials out there, but this one is what I need. We almost have the same schedule format, I think it's something in common with Japanese companies :D - Carla (2013年07月23日 17時10分41秒)
  • I am glad about your comment. - admin (2013年01月30日 21時55分33秒)
  • perfectly.

It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again! - Julia (2013年01月22日 13時55分18秒)